Sunday, May 10, 2009

So how do you capture a child on the move?

I sure can't do it with my camera! I wanted to be able to show Hannah modeling her new outfit but just could not catch her at the right moment as you can see.

I really think she was trying to crawl into the pages of that Vogue magazine on the floor!

We enjoyed some wonderful time with this little lady! What fun when language enters the scene! She can communicate so well! I can tell her mommy and daddy spend a lot of time talking with Miss Hannah. The greatest joy was having her express excitement to see me! I was so afraid she would be shy since we are far apart but she wasn't. We had a blast! It was wonderful to spend time with her mommy and daddy too!

We also got to enjoy time with Tom and Gina! Soon we will be cuddling with their new little one as well! As an added treat we went to see Forbidden Broadway in Philadelphia. It was a great show and even more exciting when the pianist/musical director is your daughter by love!

Today was a great day to reflect on how blessed I am to be the mother of these wonderful men and to share in the love of their wonderful wives. (Being a grammy is indescribable!) Since it was Mother's Day I spent a lot of time on our ride home contemplating my experiences as a mom. I have concluded that there are many things I would like to do over knowing what I know now, but I have also concluded that I had a lot more energy to be a mom then than I do now! Mothering is tough work but OH SO WORTH IT! Despite my mistakes in this learn-as-you-go job, I have two wonderful sons that I would not change one smidgen. Love you guys so much!


Vee said...

What a great-looking happy family! Hannah is so cute and this is just to say that I was having similar problems yesterday with getting grands to stop long enough to take a decent picture. Ha! That outfit still looks adorable on her whether she's still or not...

Donna said...

She is adorable! Love that colorful outfit too! I think you do pretty good work, momma! wink, wink!

Kristine said...

So glad you could spend time with your little Hannah! Looks like the outfit you made her fits! What a sweet face she has!

So glad you were surrounded by family on this Mother's Day weekend.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You are very blessed to have two handsome sons and a gorgeous family!!

happy day,

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I agree...being a grammy is indescribable! And your Hannah is very the outfit.