Friday, March 14, 2008

Still here

Daily blogging will not happen with me. Seems there are not enough hours in a day to add that to my list. Funny though, I love to read others' blogs as a way to unwind. I am disappointed when they don't post each day. The weekend is here and as usual we have projects going and a time crunch to finish them. Always gets done but we really need to add more down time on the weekends after the hectic weeks we endure. Felt like Spring today- for the few minutes I could be outside!

Grandbaby countdown is getting close and I am excited! I was listening to James Dobson last week- a voice from the past. I grew into motherhood listening to Focus on the Family. What a blessing his ministry is to families! Anyhow, last week he was discussing being a grandpa and what names he and Shirley have decided to have grandchildren call them. I've thought about it too and really don't care. Think I will let the grandbaby decide! A name is not what is important to me, it is the relationship that I want to focus on.

Everyone tells me you notice everything about your grandchildren. As a mom time seemed to fly by in a blur. I spent too many hours working and not enough time taking it all in. When the boys were little I ran a childcare center which was great- they could go with me but it also meant very early starts to very long days and total exhaustion at night. On the weekends we worked with a Saturday youth program and taught Sunday School. I look back and wonder how we managed!

I am just so amazed to watch my sons be men. Today my husband said, "I taught my kids things but I never taught them how to be a father and now Joe will be a dad!" I told him to relax. He taught them how to be a father with every breath he has taken. He has been a wonderful father and they have learned by his example. I still say the best thing he has ever done is to love their mother. I believe that loving our spouse is about the best gift we can give our children. They need to see parents in love in order to feel secure and loved themselves. I am so thankful to be loved.

I was also thinking about prayer and how I have prayed for my sons' wives since each of them were born. From time to time I would wonder how those little girls that would someday become wives to my sons were doing . Now those little girls are married to my little boys and I am so thankful for both of them! My task now is to pray for the little boy who will someday be with my granddaughter. What a thought!

Posts with pictures are so much more fun than my rambling but at least it is a post. I put the camera nearby so hopefully I will capture something to post this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!

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