Saturday, October 31, 2009

Treasure Hunting

It was DARK when we started our usual Saturday morning yard sale jaunt...really DARK. The first stop was just a mile from our house and I could not believe my eyes- a stand alone garage FILLED with stuff- good stuff. I was overwhelmed just looking. I did not know where to start. We did leave with a few things. The seller promised that he would open the doors to his collection anytime I see him or his wife sitting on the porch. I told him I would be back. And I will.

I have always wanted a wicker plant stand and found one in that garage

As well as this cute little rocker

And this little chair

Joe got this tin sign that he hung above his golf clubs in the garage

It was actually raining lightly most of the morning and the other nine yard sales we went to were all duds- I should have spent more time at the first one. I guess not total duds- Joe found a whole set of irons (golf clubs) that he says are great! We then went to the Red Collection. I have heard about it and we have not had a chance to go until today. We will be back. We both fell in love with the same picture. She followed us home.

I don't do much decorating for Halloween but do bring out this black cat that I have had since childhood.

I have treats ready- now to see how many neighborhood children we will get.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Come on Yankees....we are rooting for you!

Joe said that this was going to be a tough series to root for a team...he likes them both. The Phillies have many players that he has watched work their way up through the Reading Phillies, a local team that we rooted for when living in PA. But blood has got to be thicker than that and I do believe a part of Joe's blood runs blue. It has carried on down the generations.

This poor little guy is going to really have issues. He has a grandma and a grandpa (who live closer than we do) who hail from that city of brotherly love. Their love runs deep for this little guy and also for those Phillies. He has shirts from both teams but his mom is afraid to put the blue on on him for fear of giving her mother a chill. So far he seems to be favoring the red. I have been told that soon after putting this shirt on, he threw up all over it.......poor Milo....the stress adults cause their children and grandchildren!

And just as their grampa does, sometimes the hat gets put on when the team needs that extra little nudge.

On Wednesday night it got so bad that he actually did something he has NEVER done before, resurrected a Superman costume I made him years ago and put that on under the Yankee duds. Doubt we will ever see that combination again- they lost on Wednesday.

Last night he traded the retro Yankees shirt for the current Yankees shirt and wore blue pants. They won so I do believe I will be seeing a lot of that outfit during the remainder of this series.

Somehow I don't think the Phillies ever really stood a chance at being rooted for against "them Yankees." Sorry guys but seems no matter how well he knows you, that blue blood wins out over the red.

October 30, 1953 was a very good day!

Today is the 33rd time I have celebrated your birthday with you!

I have enjoyed each year of those celebrations.

You are my favorite and always will be.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It has been awhile...

I am here but catching up on things at home after having been away. I promise that thistlepatch will get some much needed attention very soon.

I was thrilled that we could be in the DC area to celebrate the start of a new life together. We have watched the groom grow up with our sons and,in fact, refer to him as our third son. He has a gorgeous bride. The two were made for each other! The party to celebrate was breathtaking! Congratulations Joe and Alicia!

It was also great to be able to stop in VA on our way home to celebrate my dad's birthday with him! It was a quiet celebration- we didn't go riding or anything exhilerating like that. Just for fun I thought I would remind dad of a day when he did go riding....many days ago. (I also thought you would get a kick out of this, Kiera-the great horsewoman that you are, to see your daddy and grandpa riding! Believe it or not, it happened!) Yee-Haw! Have a great year, dad!

Lately I have spent more time on Facebook than on blogs. (It allows me to rant in short snippets!) It is also fun to see how some of us fellow bloggers and ranters have found each other! My concern for this great country continues. I could listen to Reagan over and over again. Too bad we do not have leadership like him right now! If you have some time, listen to his words- it amazes me how we can apply them to today's issues.

like that

Monday, October 19, 2009

I think we need something lovely here...

Anita Dunn's "facts" are not facts

It has been awhile. I have been visiting my children, grandbabies, friends and even doing a bit of work! I will give thistlepatch some attention soon but first I had to send our leader a letter. Thought I would share it:

Dear Mr. President,
It has been a while since I have written. Not that you have ever read nor even noticed my prior emails. Despite that, I am writing once again.

As I have told you time and again I am disappointed, VERY disappointed in what has happened since you have assumed office. You promised transparency and all I see is cover up and close-minded behavior. The attack on FOX news is yet another example. For your staff to question a news agency that does fact checking is appalling! If you have nothing to hide, fact checking should come as a welcome step. If you were transparent, fact checking would probably not even be an issue. I am disgusted by Anita Dunn’s conversation with high school students, espousing Mao as one of her favorites! I am sickened by your desire to control the media, as openly stated by Ms. Dunn. I could continue with a long list of staff who have me concerned and upset but today Ms. Dunn is the one who is drawing my greatest concern.

This is all so outrageous and so sad for America. I think you need to have done fact checking before hiring your staff. I do believe Americans will be doing more fact checking before voting next time. I know I will.

I case you have no idea what I am referring to, let me share this article and this article. So that you can see Anita Dunn in action......

She was addressing high school students! Don't know who Mao was? I would suggest you start reading!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Norah -2 months

Hannah-2 months (she is 19 mos. now!)

I always thought it would be fun to have had a sister. These two will have so much fun together I am sure!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Now government is messing with us bloggers

If you offer giveaways of products on your blog you better beware. Government is gettng involved. You can read about it here. In a nutshell this is what they are doing:

The Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers to clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products.

It is the first time since 1980 that the commission has revised its guidelines on endorsements and testimonials, and the first time the rules have covered bloggers.

But the commission stopped short today of specifying how bloggers must disclose any conflicts of interest.

The FTC said its commissioners voted, 4-0, to approve the final guidelines, which had been expected. Penalties include up to $11,000 in fines per violation.

The rules take effect Dec. 1.

I have been saying it all along- government is getting TOO big and meddling in our lives way TOO much. Don't know about you, but I am tired of it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Government Can

My friend Sue posted this and I just had to share it as well. Stop by Sue's blog to get some more of her insights on Politics and Religion.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Becoming more Southern each day

On my last day of work my co-workers sent me out the door with lots of hugs and some gag gifts. My colleague Joan, the food guru, sent me off with a new cookbook. She told me all the Southern women use it. I almost believed her when we hit an opossum on our ride. (Those things can do a lot of damage!) Despite the dinner sitting before us on the pavement I decided AGAINST pulling out this book.

I added the book to my collection, in the way back. Well guess what! Today I had to dig it out because I realized that Southern women probably do use this cookbook. And I want to fit in.

I will be looking for a big black pot when I am yardsaling tomorrow- I never like to pay full price for anything. And if I am lucky, maybe our guests will not have lasagna tomorrow night! I can treat my fellow Pennsylvania transplants to a true Southern meal!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ready for guests

Since moving here it is a treat to have visitors! We are having some folks for dinner on Saturday. I already have the table set. Does that tell you I am anxious to have folks over?? Making my lasagna that is always a hit.

Stop over at Susan's to see some other folks who have their tables set as well!
If you are looking at fall decor you can go to my earlier post here to see what I did to get the front of my house ready for fall. Rhoda is hosting a gathering for fall. Go and check out the friends she has gathered to show off fall decor here.

We stopped by one of our favorite furniture places last weekend. Got a queen mattress set for our upstairs guest room. While we were there I found this piece. It was a sample from the furniture market. I fell in love with it and could not beat the deal I got! It needs a good dusting and some staging! (Great way to procrastinate from what I should be doing....)

Since the day we moved in we have been on a search for the 4 tiny drawers in the top of this piece. I found them last week!! Ta Da!! They were neatly wrapped in the bottom of a box of fabric. Funny how putting those four drawers in made everything right with the world. We had scoured box after box seeking them and feared that somehow they were lost. This piece is special to me. I call it "the Betsy Table." For years it sat in my dear friend Betsy's kitchen. She loved to putz around and decorate it. I love to sit at the kitchen table with my coffee. Somehow I feel like she is with me. I don't think her husband, Ken, had any idea how thrilled I was the day he offered the piece to me.

Another treat was seeing my newly planted Magnolia bloom. Betsy, a true southern lady, would be proud!