Friday, October 2, 2009

Becoming more Southern each day

On my last day of work my co-workers sent me out the door with lots of hugs and some gag gifts. My colleague Joan, the food guru, sent me off with a new cookbook. She told me all the Southern women use it. I almost believed her when we hit an opossum on our ride. (Those things can do a lot of damage!) Despite the dinner sitting before us on the pavement I decided AGAINST pulling out this book.

I added the book to my collection, in the way back. Well guess what! Today I had to dig it out because I realized that Southern women probably do use this cookbook. And I want to fit in.

I will be looking for a big black pot when I am yardsaling tomorrow- I never like to pay full price for anything. And if I am lucky, maybe our guests will not have lasagna tomorrow night! I can treat my fellow Pennsylvania transplants to a true Southern meal!

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