Friday, October 30, 2009

Come on Yankees....we are rooting for you!

Joe said that this was going to be a tough series to root for a team...he likes them both. The Phillies have many players that he has watched work their way up through the Reading Phillies, a local team that we rooted for when living in PA. But blood has got to be thicker than that and I do believe a part of Joe's blood runs blue. It has carried on down the generations.

This poor little guy is going to really have issues. He has a grandma and a grandpa (who live closer than we do) who hail from that city of brotherly love. Their love runs deep for this little guy and also for those Phillies. He has shirts from both teams but his mom is afraid to put the blue on on him for fear of giving her mother a chill. So far he seems to be favoring the red. I have been told that soon after putting this shirt on, he threw up all over it.......poor Milo....the stress adults cause their children and grandchildren!

And just as their grampa does, sometimes the hat gets put on when the team needs that extra little nudge.

On Wednesday night it got so bad that he actually did something he has NEVER done before, resurrected a Superman costume I made him years ago and put that on under the Yankee duds. Doubt we will ever see that combination again- they lost on Wednesday.

Last night he traded the retro Yankees shirt for the current Yankees shirt and wore blue pants. They won so I do believe I will be seeing a lot of that outfit during the remainder of this series.

Somehow I don't think the Phillies ever really stood a chance at being rooted for against "them Yankees." Sorry guys but seems no matter how well he knows you, that blue blood wins out over the red.

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