Saturday, April 12, 2008


I spent the past two days at our state FCS conference. Some of the workshops were fun. There was a great presenter on table linens- showed ways to fold and drape table cloths. She was an excellent speaker as well. A food stylist showed some of her work and shared some of her behind the scenes tricks to get food to look so great in pictures. She had the most realistic ice cream that is not ice cream- crisco, corn syrup and confectioner's sugar. It scoops to look just like icecream but doesn't melt for a photo shoot. I think it would be a great April Fools joke! A chef from a local produce company made 2 great salads-one with grilled portabellas, grilled asparagus, feta and tomatoes with a Greek vinagrette. Yummy!!!! He also made a salad with aragula, watermelon, feta and a vinagrette with lime juice. Also good. Another chef gave us some insights into doing food demos. He also had some yummy desserts to sample. The breakfast keynote today was an image consultant and started the day off in a fun way. All in all, 2 good days but missed some great get out in the garden time!

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