Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy Saturday

We started the morning doing yard sales and came home without one purchase!!! We did stop at the Salvation Army store and I found a Ralph Lauren denim dress for $3 that I quickly turned into this glamorous garden gal.

She is missing two things: 1. An apron- which I will find in my basement in a box of aprons I ordered on Ebay several years ago and 2. A name. I need some help with that. All suggestions are welcome- leave your names in my comments below.

I also got just about all of the planting done in the yard. Tomorrow we have lots of mulch to spread! Let's hope the rain stops so we can get it spread before it's back to work on Monday. I have also been busy painting and sewing for a little patio spruce up. Hope to show you the before and after tomorrow. For now, here are a few more pictures taken this afternoon.

This birdhouse looks so sad but is home to a happy family. For some reason of all the birdhouses in our yard, this one is about the most favorite, serving as home to several families each year. By the way, Roberta, the robin, continues to sit on the nest she created in the basket on our front door.


Anonymous said...

Your "scare lady" looks splendid. Tell her I will take the dress when she tires of it! Your other projects are really cute--enjoyed looking at those!

Dawn said...

Cute post!
Love the scarecrow gal.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love the scarecrow lady. I don't know, but the name of Gretchen or Hannah just pops in my head right now. She is a sweet little woman and those names just seem to fit her. Love her dress! = oh, how about Kate..kind of sweet and country sounding..

Kristine said...

Hi Sue,
I appreciate the instructions you left on my blog for your scare lady. My best intentions are to make one for my garden and will copy your ideas if you don't mind? One more question...did you ever choose a name for her?