Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4-H Fashion Revue

Each year I get so excited when I see the garments that our 4-H members have made. Some are as young as 8! These are the participants in our county this year. Yesterday we had a regional revue where 66 members from 9 counties competed for spots to attend the state competition. I give our volunteer leaders all the credit for the time and energy they devote to our sewers!
I have the easy job of overseeing their efforts.
The two to the left, along with the gown below, were selected to go on to the state competition.
The garments below were done by the younger members.

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Little Blue Violet said...

I was in 4H as a kid and used to go down to the grange for meetings. One year I won a blue ribbon for sewing. I was 8 when I won the ribbon and didnt sew again until I was married and had a machine of my own. It is amazing how most of these young seamstresses can undoubtedly sew far better than I can now. If ya dont use it...ya loose it.