Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the garden

It is so hot that I feel as droopy as this sunflower looks.

I was at a conference in Pittsburgh for a few days and when I got home I was greeted by the first of our hibiscus blossoms. Even they are a bit droopy from the heat. I love hibiscus. These are not as impressive as the hibiscus hedges we had in Aruba.

I also found a bumper crop of swiss chard waiting to be picked. You can see that I did not waste any time picking it! I love it sauted with garlic and am constantly amazed at how it shrinks!


Anonymous said...

you are a great gardener aunt sue


Anonymous said...

you are a great gardener!!!


cherry said...

Hello there! Love your new mirror...I would have scooped that up as well. Very pretty! As are your flowers...even if they are droopy! cherry

Anonymous said...

Sue, your garden looks beautiful! Have you ever had trouble with squash bugs? They destroyed my zucchini and yellow squash crop this year, and we had them other years too. I'm looking for natural ways to eliminate them, or prevent them next year. By the way, I'm Sandy, Marilyn's friend. I look at Sharon & Joe's blog, so got your link through there. Hope you get this.My email is scobb645@ptd.net.
Sandy Cobb