Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I will find some time for a post this weekend. Life has been distracting the past two weeks with lots of decisions ahead. My husband's company is moving to North Carolina. He is not quite ready to retire and the job market here is not too great so we are looking at lots of options. We spent last weekend in the Greensboro, Chapel-Hill area looking it over. Nice areas but far from our children.


Mom2fur said...

I just blog-hopped here. I wish you lots of luck, wherever life takes you! My husband and I plan to retire in a few years. We live on Long Island, and with the cost of fuel it might get too expensive to stay here. Still, he's talking Florida, and the idea of being that far from the kids (I have four ranging from 18-25) breaks my heart. Still, I have to remember that life always does work out. Maybe my future grandchildren will think it is awesome to visit us in Florida. If you end up moving far from your own kids, I'm sure it will work out for you, too! (But I still hope you get to stay close to them.)

Little Blue Violet said...

Praying things work out for you in this big decision....