Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guess who came to dinner?

Miss Hannah has started to eat solid food! When she was here last evening I got to feed her some carrots- which she loved! We went to the basement to get the highchair our sons used. It was too wobbly and although I had visions of painting it up really cute, we opted for a new one, which Joe put together tonight.

So, Miss Hannah, we are ready to have you for dinner again....real soon!


Dawn said...

What a sweet shot of you and your sweet Hannah.
Love the chair. We use one that has been in the's been painted and the tray doesn't quite work, but we use it. I also have one of the chairs that fit onto the table. That works well early on until they go into the bigger chair.

I have a photo of my grandmother feeding me that is very similar.

Dawn said...

oops! Guess I should have mentioned that I was the age of Hannah when my grandmother was feeding me.

Little Blue Violet said...

O my gosh Sue she is so darned cute! I love the photo of her in the inner tube in the pool (on your sidebar). what a sweetie

this is my patch said...

I am sure little Miss Hannah will be only too ready and willing to come back over for dinner. What a lovely highchair and place setting. x

Vee said...

What a beautiful granddaughter, which I can clearly see despite the orange face from eating those yummy carrots. So cute!

I did wind up using the antique high chair with my grands that their father and auntie used. Thankfully, it was very solid...not quite as comfortable as the new ones, though! Miss Hannah is going to love eating at your house.

Anonymous said...

hi aunt sue that is a great picture of you and hannah