Friday, October 17, 2008

Anonymouse posters

Notice, I called them anonymouse- they are so brave that they can't even leave their contact information-they leave their little droppings and then crawl into a corner to hide. I had a good chuckle today as I got some really ugly comments on my posting praising McCain. Those liberal democrats are such kind, loving people....I am surprised everyone does not want to join them! (HA, HA) They know nothing more than to use ugly words and call people names- so big of them! They have further cemented my convictions to never vote for a liberal democrat.

So sad when someone uses their time to make comments against someone else. I have read plenty of blog posts I disagree with yet would never dream of leaving a negative comment on their blog. We each have the right to our own words and blogs are a great opportunity to share them but not the space to squash others' voices.

One of the great things about our country is the freedom to express our thoughts and beliefs. Unfortunately liberal democrats only think it is ok if you are in agreement with them. They are the first to yell if someone tries to silence their voice yet they never have the courtesy of their convictions to allow others the same opportunities. I think it is because they are afraid. As I look at Sarah Palin I see a woman who has done everything that I was told to do in my liberal women's college of the 70's yet now she gets so much flack from liberals. Why? I believe it is because she is not afraid to share her faith. I applaud a person who is not afraid to share her convictions

Someone accused me of not being very intelligent- ironically I have lots of letters after my name and teach for a very big University. I am used to being the minority each day at work so these attacks are nothing more than humorous to me.

If it is cathartic for you to send ugly notes, go ahead- maybe it somehow assuages your guilt at making such wrong decisions. It certainly will not sway me and it certainly will never be approved for publication on my blog.


Vee said...

Sorry that you've been getting ugly comments, Sue. I had a brave commenter who actually left her name who had some unflattering things to say about my intelligence, too. I think she'd be surprised that I have a few letters after my name, too. LOL!

I think your approach is just right and I was telling Dawn at The Feathered Nest the same thing this morning.

smilnsigh said...

Oh my sakes alive, blog land is bursting with people named Sue!!! :-) But, when I found another comment waiting to be published in my "harder" blog, signed 'Sue,' I bristled.

There were already 3 comments there, from Sue-With-No-Blog, which I decided to not publish. I decided to go with my original plan... She has had enough of her say, in my blog. Let her start a blog of her own, and then I might continue, there. :-)))

When I simply find Comments Waiting To Be OK'ed, on my Dashboard... It does not allow me to see WHAT Sue is commenting. So I had to wait till the notice came into my mail box, to be able to click on your Sue-link and find for sure, that you are not her. :-)

And of course, you are not! And I even see Vee here, in comments. :-) I know Vee from my regular 'Smilnsigh' blog, my soft, warm, cozy, refuge type blog. :-)))

I wasn't doing any really political stuff. But Dear Kari sort of revved me up. And I began. And... per usual, my Site Meter showing of Visits to my "harder" blog, have gone up! People do love a controversy. Whether they comment or not. Lots are now coming by, to read!

But, I fear that all of us, are only preaching to the choir, as far as agreement goes. Our Beloved Country is so very divided. So very, very divided.

I'm 71 and so I've seen many an election, and voted in all of them, ever since I could vote. But this one is so different. This election is scary.

My hope is that there is still a "Silent Majority" out here in our Beloved Country. And that their votes will be heard, on election day.

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci

Paula said...

I am not anonymouse but I am a Democrat. I guess you could even call me liberal. I don't care if you praise McCain. I may even vote for him. I haven't yet decided. However I do think both sides of this presidental race have sluung their share of dirt. I will not ever try to silence your right to your opinion. My problem with Sarah Palin is not the fact that she is a liberal is her lack of experience (should something happen to McCain) to be President of the United States. And in case you are wondering...there is no way in hell I will ever vote for Obama..
just please don't lump all of us liberal Democrats together....

Kristine said...

Sue, so sorry you have been slammed by anonymous comments. Come on people, it is a free country!

Terry said...

You go girl! I like your style!

Brin said...

Behind you all the way! Thanks for sticking your neck out and talking politics. I did a few weeks back and got crucified. Worth it, though. (The Obama/Biden ticket disturbs me in a way I can't even describe. I can't wait to cast my vote for McCain and Palin.)

My Messy, Thrilling Life

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I, too, had my problems with anonymous commenters. I wouldn't mind them sharing their beliefs, their thoughts, their opinions. But I DO object to someone leaving comments that are nothing but pure bile. It's counter-productive and adds nothing worthwhile to the discussion. I set my blog to not allow anonymous comments anymore because I had one or two people who just wouldn't stop and it got kind of silly to continue to let them go on and on.
I love a good debate. I deplore senseless rambling. Some times it's hard to tell, but there really IS a difference. LOL