Sunday, October 5, 2008

Too busy

Life has been so busy that I have not even read any blogs in weeks. I am hoping I can get back on target. We are putting our house up for sale and with that comes neutralizing. In this market we have to do all we can to get the house ready before putting on the market. Too much stress for me right now! New neutral carpet will come next week to cover my favorite painted stairs. The wallpaper in our bedroom is all gone and today a neutral beige is going up. Not my home anymore but rather a commodity I need to sell. This is a picture that my son snapped as he was taking down wallpaper. I have always left messages as I paint, paper, etc and he uncovered the one I left in the bedroom. Decluttering is now the biggest issue. Our home has 20 years of collected stuff. We have made several trips to Salvation Army. I am trying to be ruthless but am so afraid I will regret it later.
We have also been to Greensboro NC looking for a new home. Many to choose from but we will wait to see what happens at this end before doing our serious shopping. Lovely area BUT my children, granddaughter and wonderful job are all here. This house is one I really liked. The interior is already painted to my liking!


Vee said...

Sue, don't worry about Blogland, we'll be right here when you are able to return.

Awww, it's too bad that all your nice decorating touches are being neutralized, but I understand that this way it appeals to more buyers. Somebody is missing out, though!

The home that you showed looks very nice. It's a buyer's market so that end of it should be fun.

Keep looking up!

Kristine said...

So good to hear from you and now I understand what has kept you away for so long, you've been missed.

Love the pic of your "graffiti", my dad did the same thing when wallpapering...he'd even write on the wall the date and what the weather was like then wallpaper over it. I know the people that live in my chilhood house and they have discovered the notes as they redecorate.

I work in the real estate business...our market in "small town America" is stable right now but if you listen to the news it sounds like a very scary time to be selling/buying. Good luck w/marketing your are doing all the right things by neutralizing & decluttering.

Little Blue Violet said...

Moving is always heartbreaking and so stressful. Ill keep you in my prayers. Look forward to redecorating a new home!