Friday, November 7, 2008


OK...thought I would switch to 'homekeeping' issues but just can't seem to shake these election results. We are going away this weekend to look for our new home so perhaps next week I will have something along that line to report but for now it is just life as I see it and live it that I have to share.

I stopped at Ulta last night and ran into someone I know through my job. She is a childcare center director and commented on how they are going to miss me once I move. She asked if I had a job lined up and I joked, "Now that Mr. Obama is in I may never have to work again!" She laughed and said, "Don't get me started I am so angry right now." We stood in the middle of the store for about 20 minutes discussing the future of our country and the stupidity of Americans. She actually had an employee say, "I am so excited now that Obama is in I am going to get a pay raise!" How misinformed our youth are! From where will this raise come? Thin air? You don't manufacture money with a new president. This is why some folks voted for him. The fact is that she will probably be losing her job.

I teach at various centers in our area and every one I have been to lately is at the lowest enrollment point they have ever been at. People are out of work or are finding cheaper alternatives for childcare-neighbors and grandparents. They are not opting for center care. If Obama can put universal preschool in then these childcare providers may get raises but many will not meet the educational requirements to get the government funded jobs. I have been in the early care and education field for 30 plus years and there is NO WAY I want to see universal preschool. Children thrive best in a loving home environment with a constant caregiver who loves them and meets their every need. Yes, there are some excellent childcare facilities and caregivers but the minute the government gets involved, that loving homey feeling evaporates. It is replaced with bureaucracy and paperwork. Most funding goes to support administration of such programs. And it ain't cheap and guess who will be footing the bill...........YOU AND ME!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Yes, it seems that everyone is walking around with their hand out. I told my son to brace himself...his job at a fast food place may not be as secure as he thought, once his boss starts tallying up her figures from all 5 restaurants that she owns. I think she may be making too much money under Obama's plan and will see quite the little tax hike coming her way. I feel certain she'll pass those "hikes" down the line and turn them into a pink slip for an employee or two.
I suspect unemployment is going to reach all news highs in the coming times.


Paula said...

It is so sad how under-informed most of the voters were....he won the election on the power of the youth and the blacks who so wanted a black President...oh and Oprah who they are saying brought him one million votes...I hope people will educate themselves next time...if there is a next time!

The Phoenix said...

Just shows how they were drinkin' the Kool-aid! "...employee say, "I am so excited now that Obama is in I am going to get a pay raise!" :-(

Perhaps you'd like to come over and view this blog. Only like minded folks will be there. No Kool-aid served. ,-)))

'The Phoenix'

Vee said...

It is so nice to listen to Kate. Wonder why it makes me cry?

Well, we, too, are learning just how little people studied or did their homework before voting. It is truly shocking. One couple, my parents' ages, are both shocked to discover that there'll be a 28% capital gains tax when they plan to sell their home in a couple of years.

Hope that your home buying process goes well and that your current home sells quickly.

The Phoenix said...

Sue, have you seen this?

Pres. elect makes sick joke, at expense of Nancy Regan... a frail and ailing old white woman. :-(

Classy, hu???????????? :-(

The link to the Press Conference is in the entry. I'd not post it, without a link.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I hear you...I shudder at the thought of Homeschooling being regulated....

Have a great weekend Sweetie and don't think about it.

Donna said...

I just found your lovely blog! And I couldn't agree with you more on how badly this country is headed. The government schools aren't teaching kids the facts about business and capitalism, so they think that money does, indeed, come out of thin air. And we've got more government bailouts/handouts coming down the pike. so the government must have the same line of reasoning.