Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our House

We bought a house! Before going on this weekend's house hunting trip we had narrowed our list to two favorites of which I was sure we would end up choosing one. We had given our realtor a list of 19 other homes we looked at online and wanted to see. After a whirlwind tour on Thursday of almost all 19 homes, we found one, not on our original list, that had EVERYTHING we wanted- gas heat, gas cooking, master on main, etc. This is what we BOUGHT on Friday. Back home today with the task of cleaning out the attic and shed because we close on our old house Dec. 30 and the new one Jan. 5. To complicate matters I have a hysterectomy on Dec. 22! Fun time at our place this Christmas. Not sure if this blog will get any attention between now and the move.


Kay said...

Congratulations, it looks lovely! Take care of yourself and remember, no heavy lifting!

Vee said...

Oh it's beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to post about it! Congratulations on the sale of your former home and the purchase of the new home. I guess God is in the details after all.

Blessings to you at this challenging time. Having my surgery was the best thing that I ever did...haven't regretted it ever.

Donna said...

Beautiful home! Congratulations!!! I don't know how you are going to move while recovering from a hysterectomy, LOL. You're a better woman than me!

Kristine said...

Beautiful home Sue! Looks like a great choice (one level-good thinking!). You'll be in my thoughts and prayers with the upcoming surgery, sale of your present home and purchase of the new and all during the holiday season. Talk about stress! We'll not expect to hear from you in blog land until...hhhmmm say about March 2009 sometime. God bless you.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sue, your new home is a beauty! Congratulations! It IS a lot of work to have to move! You know what? We moved 3 weeks after I had my hysterectomy. Please don't over do it and let others help you otherwise you will pay for it later.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


La Tea Dah said...

Wow -- beautiful new home and a whirlwind schedule. I hope you are healing up quickly from your hysterectomy and aren't having to work too hard!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! it look awesome a can't wait to hag and play in it!!