Friday, January 9, 2009


Things went very smoothly with closings on both houses. I am surrounded by boxes! Internet connection has been a challenge- we get ours today and this connection is floating out there from some nearby person who did not secure their wireless. I will post pictures, etc. once things settle a bit. I am actually returning to work in PA on Monday for the rest of the month so still really feel in limbo. For some reason blogger does not allow gmail as a primary email on the account so I have to wait to get a new email address with the new internet connection. Sorry if you have sent emails and they have not gone through. I am loving the house!


Vee said...

Thanks for checking in. Sounds kinda hectic, but how wonderful that you love the house. That's most of the battle right there. Will you stay with your kids while finishing out the month in PA?

Kristine said...

Glad to hear the closings went smoothly! So hard to live in limbo...wishing you the best!

Donna said...

Glad to hear that the move and house closings went well! Whew! Eventually, you'll dig your way through the boxes, put stuff out, and go "why did I move THAT?" LOL!