Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rush is Right!

Have you read today's Wall Street Journal? Great article by Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately some folks have the wrong impression of Rush. Take the time to read it and digest it. His points are so valid! I am so frustrated about all of this money we are throwing away. I am concerned for my grandchildren's future.

Still in limbo as far as the move. Tomorrow is my last day at work and then we will head "home." Wonder how long it will take for NC to feel like home? My first item on my Monday AM the local GOP and Republican Women's groups. I am going to put off getting a job and spend some time volunteering. Want to wait and see what the tax plan really is- may not be worth it for me to get a job!


Vee said...

Yes, I agree with you. A lot of people assume that they know what Rush is all about.

Yay for getting so close to the end of the transition. It has come with much hard work and a lot of adjusting on both of your parts. May God bless your new life in NC abundantly!

Donna said...

Rush is TOTALLY right! I believe he has formulated a great compromise proposal. The current "stimulus" package is none other than an expansion of government programs. It won't work as intended. It will only make matters worse.