Monday, February 9, 2009

Wash your hands

My house may get cluttered but one thing I am nuts about is handwashing and food safety. Guess it goes with my job. I am amazed as I use public restrooms and see folks who leave without washing hands or by those who merely run their hands through the water. This story will make you think twice about handwashing (not to mention eating out!). My kids have grown up with instant read thermometers and a mom who nags about refrigerating that leftover pizza. In fact, when they made burgers on the grill and used a thermometer they had friends laugh and wonder what they were doing. Food safety is an issue that is so important- this peanut contamination is one that also brings the issue to light. I had read about the salmonella problems last fall as they worked to determine the source- they knew it was something that had a long shelf life- who'd a thought peanut butter! I get nervous when I see returns of refrigerated food or refrigerated items sitting in stores- are they really going to just put them back in the refrigerator case after being temperature compromised?? My sons have worked in grocery settings and have told me they do........I told you it is scary!


Donna said...

Oh, I agree! I am a germ-o-phobic, and proud of it! I really worry about our food safety, with so many processed and imported foods these days.

Vee said...

It really is frightening sometimes and I hate public restrooms just for the reasons you mention. Apparently, some people think that the sinks and handles are worse than the stalls. That's why I like the automatic dispensers of everything.

Imported food? I avoid it like the plague. As John and I ate Valentine's candy for breakfast...don't ask...we decided to look at ingredients...lots of syllables, but at least it was from a local candy company. It may have been garbage, but it was local garbage.

Paula said...

And I never eat anything that someone else made unless I know them well enough to know how clean their kitchen is! Can't help it!