Friday, February 6, 2009

Buried in paper

Yesterday I spent the day swamped by paper and boxes.

It is fun to rediscover familiar treasures with each unwrapping of the paper- sort of like Christmas as a child. Having a tough time finding spots for my stuff- rather overwhelmed at this point. My last house was smaller but had built in shelves and nooks and crannies that developed over the years. I need to give this space some time to speak to me. There are some places clear enough to sit but the walls seem so bare. I hung one of my husband's paintings on a hook left by the previous owner just to have SOMETHING on the wall.

I decided to avoid the news shows today- well at least for the morning- may need the radio this afternoon for company. I am just so dismayed at this whole "stimulus" bill. I know things are tough and there are folks out of work but I say let the market sort it out. I also believe that some of the news media and some of our elected officials are making this into something worse than it really is. We have spent a lot of time in restaurants with this move and a lot of time in stores as we have needed odds and ends. I have had to wait for parking spots, wait in line to eat and to pay for purchases. Not exactly the doom and gloom we are told is out there. Not saying I am unrealistic, I fear for my son's jobs as they both are retail based, however I fear more for their children's futures should we adopt this ridiculous bill. I am also thoroughly disgusted by people who do not pay their taxes. Especially worsened when they are people who are trying to raise ours and who make their living as a result of those of us who do pay taxes. What is it they reap what you sow. Saw this all coming before the election. Why didn't the majority of Americans also see it??


Vee said...

You're still smiling!

I haven't turned on the news in days and I am not even listening to talk radio this week. I just hope that the Democrats who have all the votes that they need will just go ahead and do what they're going to do without having the other party help them out. I am afraid for what will become of us and the world. The one hope we have is the Lord. Not the president, not the government, not anyone but Him.

Kristine said...

I get depressed watching the news and have been avoiding it pretty much as well.

Enjoy the unpacking process!

Paula said...

well said and I couldn't agree more...your new home is beautiful!

Donna said...

You are living my future, LOL. When we finally sell our homestead, we will have all our earthly possessions packed in boxes and carted off to a rental until we build. I know it will be a LOT like Christmas when I unpack those boxes, and like you, figure out where to put everything all over again. It's fun but frustrating all at the same time, LOL!

I agree with you about the stimulus. A HUGE mistake in my book. Recessions come and go and government intervention is best to be at a minimum, except for tax cuts. People only want to see what they are led to see - and yes, they are very gullible. The economy is NOT is bad shape. Why are the parking lots filled at the shopping centers? Why are the drive-thru lines wrapped around the block? Who is doing without their cable TV and cell phones to cut back expenses? Drastic measures by the government are not warranted.