Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catching up....

I can't believe it has been two weeks plus since my last post. So much to do and so many things to find when you move and I guess that is what I have been doing all this time. I wanted to get shelves of some sort to make up for the great built ins we left behind. Of all places we ended up getting them at Ikea. I am not always an Ikea fan- was good for some furniture but generally does not stand up (in my experience). We drove to Charlotte on Friday evening as that is the closest store and picked up these black shelves. I actually think they look better in person than the photo shows. They were quite easy to assemble too.

I found 4 of these covered soup bowls at Tuesday Morning. I just love them! We have a Tuesday Morning just up the road and I like to tease my mom that our Tuesday Morning is bigger than hers! Speaking of birds....we are loving watching all of the birds that have found our feeders. There are some different varieties here than in PA. So many have found our feeders that this is becoming a rather expensive hobby!

I was surprised with not one, but two deliveries from a group that I was involved with in PA. What a special treat!!! Thanks, folks!

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Vee said...

A three in one day! Gina looks just as you describe her.

The bargain on those lamps is amazing! You were really blessed. I like your black shelves from Ikea, too. Hope that you find that they do hold up well.

But the soup dishes! Are they not adorable? I just love them. Makes me want to visit my Tuesday Morning store, which happens to be right beside my HomeGoods store so I never think to go in there having already blown my budget in the former.

Your home is shaping up fast. I know that you've been very busy.