Sunday, March 29, 2009


When we got home from church we did our usual deciding what to have for lunch. I suggested chicken salad. He agreed. "Can I make it my way or would you prefer it plain?'' He responded, "Go ahead, make it your way, I will try it. I am sure it will be good." And so I did, toasting some pecans, cutting up a pineapple, slicing some strawberries. We sat down to one of my FAVORITE lunches. YUM! I looked across the table and could tell I was enjoying it much more than he was. I asked, "Don't you like it?" He looked up and said, "Oh it is delicious (and then under his breath) if you have ovaries." I started to chuckle replying that he could have something else. He insisted that he would eat it but added, "It's sort of like eating dessert at the same time as you eat the main course. I like everything in it just not together. I love strawberries, pineapple and pecans but they belong on my icecream sundae not my salad." He got up and made himself this for lunch. That's ok because guess what I will get to have for lunch tomorrow....Now what should I make for dinner?

The week flew by and I got a lot done but didn't make blogging one of them. Perhaps this week I will surprise you all and post some more! I do have to share the exciting news of the week. I found out that one of those babies due in August is a boy! A grandson! The most exciting part of finding out was hearing my son's excitement as he shared the news. We may just find out about the other baby this week!


Vee said...

A new grandson! I know what you speak of when you share about your son's voice sharing the news. It'll be a forever memory.

Oh your lunch looks fantastic! His doesn't look bad either. Hope that you come up with something yummy for supper...scalloped potatoes and ham slices are good (that's what we had for dinner). =D

Donna said...

I'll take YOUR lunch any day, and tell your hubby that I don't have my ovaries anymore, LOL! Congrats on a new grandson on the way!