Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great Weekend!

Tom and Gina arrived Saturday night and left last evening. It was a short visit but wonderful. We were blessed with a gorgeous day on Sunday- it hit 80 degrees!!

My book arrived yesterday so now I will be busy reading! I understand that this book has been on the NY Times best seller list but they have yet to review it...gee I wonder why? All I know is that it was tough to get a copy as it was sold out. I got it online but had to wait as it was on back order. My husband ran to the bookstore at lunchtime to get his book to read.

Amazing that there is a long wait at the local library for both of these books- do you think people are starting to get concerned with the current state of our government? I am planning to attend our local tea party on April 15! Already planning my sign.


Donna said...

Let me know how well you like Levin's book! I am on a L-O-N-g waiting list for our local library's copy. I think the politicos and talking heads underestimate the amount of the public's dissatisfaction with where the country is headed!

Vee said...

John is reading this one now. He says it took awhile to get into it, but he's halfway through now. I get it next.