Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So glad to see green!

We have a small deck just off of our living room. I am finding it is one of my favorite places to sit. Spring is so welcome after the cold of winter!

Can't wait til I can harvest this swiss chard. I know, it is a bit cramped but it will get eaten quickly and having to thin it is one excuse to enjoy it sooner!
Our new yard is rather large and we are not quite sure what to plant. I don't want anything as labor intensive as my cottage gardens in our old home. I am taking a class on Friday to learn about North Carolina gardening. My hope is to come up with some native plants that will thrive in the heat of the summer. This year we are only planning to add a few plantings to the existing landscaping. My husband has always been one to fertilize and baby his lawn, however with more than an acre of grass he re-thought his philosophy- if it is green it stays. It all looks good from a distance!

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