Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party-Greensboro NC

Today was a lovely day for a tea party and approximately 2000 other folks agreed with me as that is what I estimate the crowd to have been at the Greensboro Tea Party! I brought my sign.

Here are some others from the crowd- it was hard to take a lot of pictures as I wanted to listen to what was being said.

It was so nice to be with a group of people who love our country and are willing to stand up for what is going so very wrong right now! The local police were there in force. It must have been an easy day for them as they got to stand together and chat- this crowd was anything but trouble makers! I may have missed being a radical hippie but I am now becoming a reactionary grandma!

So tell me, did any of you go to a tea party today???
Rhinotimes has posted pictures from the Greensboro event- you can see them here. The local paper has posted pictures as well here.


Vee said...

Great signs! Your little red hen sign came out wonderfully. Just finished watching the news and I thought that they did a pretty good job of getting the numbers and the pictures of the crowds. Who spoke at your party?

Sue said...

GREAT for you to have been able to attend your local tea party!!! Love your sign, BTW.

I wasn't able to attend due to having to work, but I was with all you all in spirit! Don't you find it odd that yesterday was the day the director of Homeland Security (good old Janet!) released a warning about "right-wing extremist groups"...with the main persons of interest being veterans of the Iraq/Afganistan war. She said people are mad because we have a black president (Give me a BREAK! If one more person calls me racist because I think illegal immigrants need to go home, I will scream. I don't care WHAT color our president is, as long as he is legal...which apparently he isn't...he WILL NOT produce his birth certificate!). She further stated people "like us" might become violent becasue of hard economic times and gun control (Out of my cold, stiff hands...)

Anyway, I applaud you for taking a stand today. Come visit my blog. I posted about it yesterday and haven't had a lot of comments...ummmm too controversial perhaps????

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Sue, thank you for coming by & for your support. That post got so out of control & that was not my intent at all. I appreciate you with words of wisdom who did not attack & simply stated opinions. Thanks so much!

Donna said...

Good for you!!!!!! We are on travel, so we didn't attend a party. Of course, some shameful politicians and mainstream media are thinking that the protests are the works of "extremists". How funny that demands for fiscal responsibility is considered an extremist position!

Kate Michelle said...

Thanks for taking a stand. All the previous comments are right on!