Thursday, April 16, 2009

To paint or not to paint...that WAS the question!

We were so tired of painting and neutralizing our old house before the move that we vowed not to paint in this house. Hard for anyone who knows me to believe this.

Well, there was something about our front door, it was wood and looked weathered. (sorry I did not think to do a before picture) Guess we could put a coat of varnish on it. I really LOVE, I mean LOVE RED doors but I deferred to my husband, the artist, who suggested a black door would look better with the brick. He was right, I love it.

But now the next debate. What about the interior of the door. I suggested it be black as well, after all it would make HIS job of painting it so much easier. Hmmm...he wasn't so sure. Even after showing him Kari and Kijsa's post here he was not fully convinced. But, he is a very smart man and knows that when I want something it is usually wise to listen. He did and he just finished painting the inside of the door. I love it! Here you go, you can see it too! I do think it looks oh so much nicer in person (do understand that I smeared the house numbers on purpose). I have to wait a day or so to let it cure before considering a wreath.

Oh, and about that red door...I'm thinking that the side door into the garage would look great in red! Believe it or not, there is not another place in this house that I am even thinking about painting-yet (sh!)!


Kristine said...

I love the black door, inside and out. Simply beautiful!

Vee said...

I remember that post from Kari and Kijsa and thinking that it would be great. Your black door looks marvelous both inside and out! Great job!! Yes, we will want to see the red door, too.

Hannah looks so darling in your sidebar. Love that little jumper.

Jen@balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

I just saw your post over at Rhoda's (my roomie at Blissdom) and had to come say "hi." I was at the tea party in Greensboro as well. It was awesome, wasn't it? We brought our whole family...loved it!
Such a fun blog you have here. :)

kari and kijsa said...

This looks fabulous!!! Way to the idea of the red door too!! It is amazing how striking the doors become in that glossy is such a finished look!! Love made our day!!!
kari & kijsa

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Gorgeous, inside and out! I agree the black looks really good with the brick!


Stacey said...

Way to go. I love that look!

Magic Brush said...

I love the new door! Love the black!!! Have you considered at all painting the trim around it black also? For instance.. on the outside of your house... the white around the door would be black too. It just makes the door look larger... with less colors... or it appears to "flow" better. Many of the designers I work for do that for a little extra umph.... just a thought I wanted to share with you.