Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let's Go Green!

Did you see this story about the celebrated solar house (which looks like one of those toilet trailers at the beach)? Apparently the sun is not enough to keep pipes from freezing, even with all this global warming. That's another thing that you could get me on my soap box about. What a load of bologna. What a waste of money. I just can't imagine what will happen when we all start plugging our cars in. People in Europe are already being warned of the dangers of plugging cell phones in to recharge!(this item shows it to be ridiculous- I do not know this person nor have I read his book but thought this site was interesting)

Just before Mother's Day I found a sweet wash basin and ewer at Cottage and Castle Consignments. The owner and I were chatting about how tough life must have been when you had to rely on using the pitcher and bowl to wash up. Look out, that may be what we are all going to be asked to do next!

I do believe in taking care of the world that our God has given to us, however I think there are some really radical folks who have taken this to extremes! People speak of global warming as if it is a factual phenomena when it is not. I do not want to live in a portable structure resembling a beach toilet.


Vee said...

That is the ugliest piece of junk ever created at a cost of nearly a million dollars. Oh we do think alike, Sue. I am so sick of the radical green folks and what they have done to destroy the world not help it. It's the old case of worshipping nature instead of worshipping God. They'd toss out humanity in favor of thinking that they are right when they are horribly, horribly wrong. It's idiocy to the tenth power. I'm not giving you an alternative post today so do what you will. ;>

Paula said...


Donna said...

My background is in environmental engineering and I can tell you my perspective. The global warming hysteria is pure rubbish!!!!! There is no consensus between the scientists, but the whacked out green crowd kneels down and acts like it is gospel. They want to decrease our standard of living, and they are going to use guilt and lies to try to accomplish their goals. I wouldn't want to live in that ugly excuse of a house either!

I loved the pictures on that link, especially the one with ALL of the power chargers plugged in! What a hoot!