Friday, May 29, 2009

I am red hot!

Alright, I know I am heading to the beach but there are few stories that have really got me fuming! Well, actually more than a few but these are the few I am suggesting you take a peek at if you have not heard about them. Click on the links below to read more about them.

Car dealerships are being targeted by our president and his administration based on their political alignment! Our government has NO BUSINESS BUSYING ITSELF IN THE CAR BUSINESS OR ANY BUSINESS FOR THAT MATTER!

California is trying to stop those meeting at home for Bible Study! We do still live in the United States, right? I mean we Americans send missionaries to countries like this where they have to hide from those governments. Are we coming to that here in the U.S.A.? I pray not!

Our country is making mandates and planning all aspects of our lives based on perceived climate change! Global warming is a fallacy and man can't have the impact on our world that some are giving us credit for. Complete government control over all aspects of our lives is very frightening to me. Nancy Pelosi thinks otherwise.

Now I am hoping I can go to the beach, stay away from the media and read fiction because the reality of where our country is headed makes me see red!


Donna said...

Every day, the news either dismays or angers me. I can't believe how badly all of this is turning out in just a few short months. And what will it be like for the next 3-1/2 years?

Sue said...

Front pages of the newspapers =
last pages of the Bible.

Hang in there. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, methinks! But God will triumph! We ARE on the winning side. If I didn't believe that will my whole heart, I would be homicidal at what I am hearing.

The Charm House said...

You go Girl.... I feel the same way! I am sick of it, Somebody needs to give our leadership a HISTORY lesson!
Have a great day at the beach trying not to think about all of this MESS!