Friday, May 1, 2009

So what's wrong with old fashioned values?

There is something to be said for good old fashioned values. This story about the Amish and banking tugged at my heart strings as the Amish were our neighbors. Too bad more Americans have not adopted their work ethic! This Saturday is a big flower auction in Lancaster county and I will not be there. Darn! (Think of me, Ken!) For years I have visited my favorite greenhouses and nurseries owned and operated by the Amish. I am now having to discover new sources for plants for our new home. I doubt that I will have the same barefoot service of Amish children delivering my flats to the car, always with a smile. Yet, now that we are on the topic of service, I have to share with you that I have seen a level of service here in NC that was rare in most of the retail establishments I frequented in PA. People are friendly here! They smile and say welcome when I enter their store (even at Goodwill!) Employees have conversations, offer to carry bags to the car, bag groceries and thank me for shopping in their store! What a novel approach! Does anyone else experience this same pleasant approach? I am wondering if it is the nice southern culture OR a sign of the times. Are people finally realizing their retail jobs are dependent upon sales which are dependent upon good customer service?

Speaking of values, and as a former Pennsylvanian, I am disappointed in Arlen Specter. I actually have been for a very long time and am sad to say that I have in the past actually voted for the guy. He is a prime example of what is wrong with today's politicians. They don't care about us, only about saving their own jobs. That problem persists on both sides of the aisle and I say we need to let them know that we are tired of it!

On a lighter note, I have to share these whimsical birds that I loved when I saw them here. I made one that flew up to my kitchen chandelier.

I think she needs a friend...perhaps I will make another.


Vee said...

She's darling! I'll have to follow that link.

Given that Sen. Specter feels as he does, I'm sure that he's no loss. I read today that Democrats are not very pleased with him nor Harry Reid who made him a sweet deal to cross the aisle.

Shanda at Front Porches- Sweet Tea & Old Aprons did a fun post recently about buying her flowers from the Amish. Gosh, it made me jealous.

To answer your question, no, I have not seen that anyone is any friendlier than they've been in my corner. Glad that everyone is so friendly there!

Donna said...

What a pretty birdie! MMMmm, I may have to try to make one! Thank you for the inspiration!

Senator Spector showed his true colors and self-interest, didn't he? He wouldn't get reelected as a Rep., so he had to switch sides. What a gutless wonder!

We love visiting the Amish farms in PA, OH, and IN. So many sweet memories!

Kindness and politeness is spotty here in east TN. The younger generation does not have the same level of manners as my generation. If I get bad service somewhere, that business doesn't get a second chance with me!

Judy said...

I'm off to purchase my plants shortly...and wish I could go visit the Amish greenhouses. But I will have to settle for the Dutch growers in my neighbourhood. We have visited the Amish who live near my brother in Iowa...and so enjoyed the picture perfect farms.