Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taxes taking their toll

When were driving back from Philadelphia last week we went through numerous toll booths on I95. No, we weren't squeezed like this but we are feeling the squeeze in other ways. I was just amazed as we drove through and handed our cash over to the folks in the little booths. I have done this how many times without thinking over the years. But on this trip it became an image to me of what our country has become. At the toll booth we reach into our pockets, pull out our bills to hand to someone in a box. What for? Probably not much more than their salaries and benefits packages plus the upkeep of the buildings they sit in all day. I recall reading an article a while back that the PA Turnpike would save an average of $65,000-$70,000 with each layoff. (Can you imagine getting those earnings while sitting in a box with your hand out all day long?) With each paycheck we do the same thing, drop our prescribed donations into that big box called government. How much of those "donations" are spent in paying salaries and benefits for jobs that are less than necessary? At least when it comes to toll roads, we can choose an alternate route. We can't do that with our taxes.

Our economy has taken a hit, well lots of hits lately. Many in our government and the main stream media are completely out of touch with the real people of our country. Considering the state we are in, why does our President think he needs to add one more thing? The new fuel economy and emissions standards are not a smart move in my opinion. They say they are doing this to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to help save our planet but I would argue this is ridiculous. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil can happen when we drill here not by creating new legislation. Greenhouse gas standards! Nuts! What impact on the world will this have? The United States already has enough legislation regarding pollution on the books. Implementing new standards will hurt an already ailing automotive industry.

Drive around in little cars? Are you nuts? What strain will that put on our crippled health care when injuries from accidents in these little cars start flooding our ERs? (Besides how many yard sale treasures can you fit in one of those "smart cars"?)

Apparently Diane Sawyer was promoting a gas tax on Good Morning America. (Now I know why I do not watch this show.) Does she really think Americans can afford to pay more taxes? I know we can't. What good does taxation do anyhow? Creates more government jobs, just what we need!

I am saddened when I see Americans not reacting to increased tax proposals. Too many are just stuck in their lane driving through and dropping in whatever is asked without questioning why. I for one am tired of being a sheep!

So as to not upset those who come here wanting only decorating and pretty things, I found an image of a pretty toll booth to share as eye candy today!


Vee said...

I agree with you about toll booths...we have automated systems for the most part. And when I see those yahoos in government driving those dinky stinkin' little cars and there are no more 18 wheelers on the highway (like that's ever going to happen and I hope not) then maybe... Honestly, this presidency is nuts. Pure nuts.

Donna said...

BRAVO for correctly identifying toll booth fees as TAXES! And the estimated gas savings for the new government requirements for auto emissions will evaporate when the federal and state DOTs raise the gas taxes to make up the shortfall of revenues because of conservation (this is already underway). And I am NOT going to drive a little roller skate excuse of a car! I'll buy and drive a TRUCK!

Sue said...

Another great post! I firmly believe our only hope (besides the Lord taking a hand) is if the sheeple wake up and take to peaceful protesting. If we don't, we are going to wake up one day all right. But it will be an awakening to a nightmare...the beginnings of which are becoming more and more evident EVERY DAY!!!

TW said...

If you don't want to pay tolls and you don't want to pay taxes, how would you provide the money to maintain highways, provide the police to patrol them, and fund their expansion as more and more cars take to the road?

Sue said...

I have no trouble paying taxes that are fair and that go for what they say they are going for. In the case of tolls, there is too much waste. More is spent collecting than in road upkeep. As far as our police officers, they are a group that I have no qualms paying for- as long as we do not end up in a police state as I fear Obama wants. I fully understand the need for us to contribute in order for our society to function. What I am tired of is overspending, waste, politicians who make a career out of their jobs and live high on the hog at the taxpayer's expense. I am upset when government funded employees make out better than those who are funding their salaries and retirements. I am tired of big government and I am tired of waste- no matter what the political affiliation. I am tired of supporting those who choose to live off of other's hard work without ever doing so themselves. I see our government feeding on peoples' feelings of guilt thus issues are funded such as global warming which are a crock of bologna yet people feel good being "green" when in fact their efforts cost a lot and don't really amount to making the world any better. I am tired of people standing for causes and yet no living the walk that they espouse for others to walk. Al Gore is a prime example of what I am talking about. I am tired of seeing important causes- such as national security being underfunded. I am tired of the touchy, feel good mentality too many have while having lost the core values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness upon which our great country was founded. I used the toll booth as a picture to show the greater evil we should all be fearing.