Sunday, June 14, 2009

At the zoo

We spent a day at the Cape May County Zoo. It is actually quite a lovely park. But as is typical, I did not remember to take any pictures while in the zoo. Hannah is very lucky that her daddy is not at all like me. He loves to take pictures. Unfortunately my guys did not have that many photos taken of them (sorry guys!). Well there was one picture I did take on the way out. People were probably wondering why anyone would be taking a picture of the bathrooms but not me. I stood there laughing. It reminded me so much of the green farce of a house (costing a mere $900,000) that I blogged about here.

You would probably be more impressed by a picture of their tiger. He was very beautiful. So here you go...oh, but I did not take this picture. I cut and pasted it from the zoo website!

My intention was to not even think about politics during the past two weeks but I did. David Letterman's crude and inexcusable comments concerning Sarah Palin and her daughter have angered me greatly. This reaches far beyond the political and certainly is not a joke. I actually broke my promise to not write any letters while away and sent CBS a note about my anger and vow to never watch Letterman again. What is happening to our country that we can laugh at jokes such as his? I am so saddened.


Donna said...

Glad you had a nice day at the zoo! I agree with you on how Letterman's comments were vile and disgusting. There is no excuse for his behavior and words.

Vee said...

Yes, his comments were vile and I was totally appalled to see that his numbers are up as a result. We are living in challenging times where the pot is boiling and we're all still sitting in it.