Friday, June 12, 2009

Back Home Again!

We had a marvelous, relaxing 2 weeks in Cape May, NJ but it does feel good to be home! (It will feel even better to crawl into our own bed!) The ride home was long. Funny we used to make it to Cape May in 3 hours but for some reason it now takes us 11 hours! (Could it be that we have moved from PA to NC since our last visit?) Just when we felt like we could not make the last hour of our drive we spotted a DQ and decided to get a cone. What a treat to see this gathering - only in the South! They were actually much better sounding in person but I thought I would share my stealth video clip taken by the world's worst photographer-ME!

Tomorrow I will post pictures that I took on our stroll through Cape May but for now I leave you with Miss Hannah at the beach.

And my favorite beach bum....

We keep reminding ourselves that soon, very soon it will be 3, THREE! grandchildren!!!!

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Vee said...

Three? You mean I turn my back for a few weeks and there's another one? 'D Oh my, Miss Hannah sure is a cutie pie. No wonder you're excited about another two.