Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogging Break and Other Stuff...

Busy times right now. It is VBS week- lots of fun, lots of children (300)and lots of noise have zapped me-in a great way. I am also taking an online class which has me distracted. So for the next few days I will be taking a break from blogging. I encourage folks to be aware of what is happening in our country. Drudge is a great place to go for headlines.

I can tell you that I WILL NOT be watching ABC tonight as they join forces with the White House to try and shove Health Care Reform down our throats. I think my energy drain is magnified by this strange country I now find myself living in. Who would have ever dreamed that a major news network would be joining forces with our government and that no opposing opinions would be allowed. Nationalized healthcare is a very frightening prospect. (If you don't know why perhaps it is because you are not very well informed about how poorly it has worked in other countries!) Having our press in bed with our government is even scarier. Why has this happened? Too many complacent Americans. Too many Americans who stick with party lines without ever asking questions. Too many Americans who are ignorant of what is going on and on the impact of their vote. Too many Americans caught up in their own personal lives and what feels good to them without looking at the big picture. (One day they will wake up and it will be too late.)

I did say I was taking a break from blogging, right? I am not taking a break from our country, though! A few of us have to be out there reading, trying to learn and understand what is happening and then trying to impact what we can. I pray more folks will take an interest before it is too late.


Vee said...

Having our press in bed with our government is even scarier.

Amen! It is incredibly frightening when the media cannot be counted upon to provide all viewpoints. The sheeple of the country swallow this stuff hook, line, and sinker. We so need to be waking up from the complacency. Of course, we can't count on our media to report that anyone is waking up even if we are. I was very encouraged by a recent poll that clearly shows that there is a chink.

Oh, I was just talking with a dear friend in Toronto. Her husband's knees are blown...just shot...he's in excruciating pain nearly all the time. Will surgery be done? No. Not this year. Not next year. It must wait until he's sixty because that is the protocol there. Unbelievable! And we want that for this country? I don't think so!

Vee said...

OOps! You know what? I really do think that VBS is more important than all this and I forgot to wish your VBS much success. I know so many people who came to faith as a result of a VBS program.

Sue said...

GREAT post, Sue!!!

You are exactly right, on all your points, IMHO. I too am boycotting Obama's "informercial" on ABC tonight. This morning before I left for work, they were talking about people protesting at the local ABC building in Cincinnati today. GOOD FOR THEM!

Anyway, enjoy your break, keep up on the news, and be ready to come back after VBS...hopefully rested and raring to go! Just in time for the next TEA party.