Friday, June 26, 2009

Did YOU Hear?

I interrupt this break to ask you...

Did you hear about Michael Jackson?

Did you hear about the Cap and Trade Bill that is on the floor for a vote?

Why is it that Americans are more interested in the death of Michael Jackson than they are in the what could amount to death to life as we know it in so many ways? If this bill is passed we will see taxes like we have NEVER known! Very scary and all in the name of saving our planet!

Man can't save the planet! So much of the global warming information that is being pushed on us is bogus! If you don't know anything about this bill I urge you to find out. You can start here. I have called and written my representatives promising them that if they support this, I will personally fight as hard as I can to make sure they are never elected to public office again. This is THAT important!

Our farmers should be really concerned about this bill. And uh, since we consume what they produce we should be too! Costs will rise not only in our energy bills but also in just about every product we consume because guess what, they consume energy to produce those products!! Do you have extra money to spend on taxes like this? I don't!

And now I will continue with my blogging break!


Anonymous said...

you go girl!!!! I love your blog!!

Vee said...

Nope, haven't heard about this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Patricia said...

You have to be my twin!
I LOVE the way you shake people through your blog~

Unbelieveable to me that the headline all day is MJ and that the first story on the evening news is MJ

There are SO MANY other things going on in this world that can meak or break our daily existence and MJ is NOT one of them!

Paula said...

Amen! Was just discussing that same thing with friends. I don't even think that people knew that ridiculous bill was before the House today. Then.....the fact that they slid in 300 additional pages in the early morning hours... so my guess is that NOT ONE SINGLE person that voted for the thing has read it in it's entirety!

Paula said...

Keep on telling us what we need to know, girl. I'll check that bill out now

Sue said...

I just linked you to my new "Politics and Religion" blog.