Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots more burlap....

We are hooked on Reading Coffee Roaster's Ethiopian Coffee. Since moving we have tried hard to find a replacement for this nectar but to date have not had success.

Our vacation included a side trip to our dentist (whole other story). That brought us so close, oh, so close to our favorite coffee that we just HAD to make a side trip. When we arrived, the Ethiopian was just being roasted. YES! So we waited the 20 minutes, I in the car with the radio and my husband chatting with the friendly owner. I saw him beckoning me to come in. It was worth it! There was an entire pallet of burlap coffee bean bags that he had no use for. My heart skipped a beat. I mean, I had just created burlap pillows, bows and bulletin boards before our trip! I wanted the entire pallet load- why?, I am not sure but the price was right! Joe reminded me that we were driving a mid-sized compact car that was filled to the windows hillbilly style on our trip to the beach. Although there may have been room at that moment, all of that stuff we packed in the car at home had to be repacked so I settled for this pile.

And now it my garage...waiting for those creative juices that were flowing back on that delicious coffee roasting day to hit me again. So far they have any ideas?
I would love to hear them. Anyone else inspired to create something from a coffee bean bag?

By the way, I called my friend Cindi who owns the child care center right next door to this heavenly roasting site to suggest she stop by for the rest of the pile. Great for sack races this summer! As for the coffee...we left with 10 pounds of beans and hope they will see us through until our July visit. Think I will have a cup right now!

Wait, I hear the grinder. Joe must have heard me writing...he is brewing a pot!! I love it when he comes home for lunch!


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Gosh, those would make wonderful cushions for outdoor furniture or they would make those wonderful "shopping" or "market" bags that are reusable. I bet those bags smell WONDERFUL! Glad to hear you made it home safely again! Can't wait to see your vacation pictures!

Donna said...

Mix the burlap with some new-fangled fabrics and you could have some great looking tote bags!

Mom of 2 Roses said...

I'm loving burlap. I never would have thought that burlap would be usable in my home. Thanks for visiting my blog too.