Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A letter from my President

Seems that when you write a letter be it pro or con, the White House adds you to their mailing list. I truly believe that this means that they do not read what they receive or they would eliminate me from their mailings. Just got this note from our "Commander in Chief."

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most Americans, there’s nothing more important to you about health care than peace of mind.

Given the status quo, that’s understandable. The current system often denies insurance due to pre-existing conditions, charges steep out-of-pocket fees – and sometimes isn’t there at all if you become seriously ill.

It’s time to fix our unsustainable insurance system and create a new foundation for health care security. That means guaranteeing your health care security and stability with eight basic consumer protections:
• No discrimination for pre-existing conditions
• No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays
• No cost-sharing for preventive care
• No dropping of coverage if you become seriously ill
• No gender discrimination
• No annual or lifetime caps on coverage
• Extended coverage for young adults
• Guaranteed insurance renewal so long as premiums are paid
Learn more about these consumer protections at

Over the next month there is going to be an avalanche of misinformation and scare tactics from those seeking to perpetuate the status quo. But we know the cost of doing nothing is too high. Health care costs will double over the next decade, millions more will become uninsured, and state and local governments will go bankrupt.

It’s time to act and reform health insurance, drive down costs and guarantee the health care security and stability of every American family. You can help by putting these core principles of reform in the hands of your friends, your family, and the rest of your social network.
Thank you,
Barack Obama

I responded promptly:

Mr. President;
Why does what you write not jive with what I understand to actually be in this bill??

I do not want counseling at the end of my life nor do I want it for my parents. I want elderly extended the same care as everyone else.

I don’t want the government involved in my care nor do I want them to access my records. You can’t control the records already in your care.

There is cost- sharing and it is on the backs of the employers and the tax payers. Do you really think you can offer healthcare without sharing the cost or are you going to print the money to pay those in the medical field??????

Why is there no mention of tort reform in this bill????

Are you wondering why your popularity is plummeting? Perhaps you are acting “stupidly” by promoting this plan.

I find it amazing that I remain on your email list. It shows me that no one at the White House reads these responses. I say NO government involvement in health care. I believe in the value and sanctity of life and this plan does not. You are attempting to solve a problem-not a crisis- by creating a total mess of things and by creating a crisis for our country.

Want to go up in the polls? Want to be re-elected? Abandon this health care idea!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Love your reply. The letter from the White House just proves that it's all one big bureaucracy with no actual human contact. It's civil service at its worst. Just what we need.

Betsy said...
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Betsy said...

I agree with your reply. I am sure that I do not trust a thing the white house puts forth, especially after hearing about patient dumping in Chicago. If this could be done to their own neighbors, they certainly do not care about the rest of us.

Vee said...

Great response, Sue! No, they're not reading. They are as blind and as foolish as they can possibly be. The reason that they need Republicans to go along with this effort, even though they have the votes to pass it, is because they know that the American people will blame Democrats for this fiasco and there'll be no way they'd be voted back into office.

Donna said...

LOL, at least you get responses! They ignore me! Keep getting the Liar in Chief heck.

sandy said...

It's obvious that you have never gone without health care. It is devastating.

Sue said...

I would love to have answered Sandy directly but found her profile to be unavailable. I do agree that our health care needs some tweaking but not government control. I may be blessed with health insurance but my children struggle with poor coverage and I have friends without and yet I would NEVER wish socialized healthcare on ANYONE. I have watched Canadian family members suffer as a result and have seen it fail in other countries. It is NOT the answer. Bigger government never is.