Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More outrage

Everyday I am outraged over something that has happened in DC. Yep, I do believe we have a gangster government in control.

I think I need to do something relaxing or some sewing or some decorating. The problem is that these problems are too great and too important to push aside. I love my country too much to sit idly by as I watch it being taken over. I wish every American would realize the path we are on.


Sue said...

She hits the nail right on the head!

"The American people need to get outraged..."

"We now have an imperialist government"

Just like you, I can't stand to see my country go down the tubes like this. I had a comment on my Politics and Religion blog from a lady who thanked me for making her aware of some things she hadn't known. KEEP IT UP! Maybe from our blogs, some American will get the outrage we need.

PS Read my newest blog from tonight. It is pretty well as chilling...

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I like Mrs. Bachmann. I fear for her because she speaks the truth and they're going to be coming after her like they do after Sarah Palin. I am so glad that she will speak out, she should be on television so everyone could see it. I'm surprised they didn't gavel her down. (This video is old, because there are over thirty czars, now!)
Thanks for posting this!

Sue said...

Yeah, I know that this was not just out but I thought she illustrated the point of outrage well. It is amazing how quickly things seem old as there is just SO, SO much happening everyday- each of them creating outrage in me!

Donna said...

Gangster government. Imperial presidency. Well said.

And every day, I get sicker and sicker to my stomach at what is happening. I sure wish that America would WAKE UP and GET MAD!