Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So what is on your mantel?

Pennsylvania's Governor Rendell is another guy who has never been one of my favorites. Again, if you have ever seen him in action I can't imagine finding him appealing yet apparently voters in PA have. Pennsylvanians are fortunate that he will not be able to run again. Maybe knowing that he is not up for re-election has caused him to let folks know what he really thinks about himself. It takes quite an ego to declare that folks should put a statue of oneself on their mantels. This guy is nuts and he is spending taxpayer money without a care while looking for more of it to spend. Politics as usual. Hopefully PA will smarten up and look for real change during the next election, less ego and more money in individual pockets.

(Sorry if you were looking for decorating ideas for your mantel. I will get back to decorating but right now I am finding it hard to focus on decorating when our country is in the state it is in.)

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