Monday, July 27, 2009

The story of the elephant

This may not be the greatest metamorphosis but it ranks right up there among great prodigal elephant stories....or among "how to recapture storage space in my basement."

A few years ago, after my son Joe was married, we were having a conversation about garage sales and stuff. Joe told us that the one thing he wished I had not gotten rid of was the plastic elephant. I was shocked and said "Really???" That elephant was, in my mind, a plastic monster that my mom had picked up at a yard sale years ago. It served well as a place to store toys next to the sandbox. Those years had long passed and I had even wondered why it followed us from the first house to the second. Since that time it sat in a corner of the basement.

About ten years before the conversation where Joe expressed regret over its loss I had sold it at a yard sale, never even thinking it would be missed by anyone. A few days after the conversation, my husband took an alternate route home from work, not quite sure why he did but he did. As he went down a side street he noticed a yard sale ahead and guess what was in the front yard....the elephant! Yes, it was THE ELEPHANT! My husband stopped, paid $5 for it and asked the guy where he got it from. The guy said, "Oh my wife got it years ago at a yard sale in Blandon." Guess where we lived....yep, Blandon. Here he is:

We put the elephant on the front porch for Joe and Sharon to see when they came by. He could not believe it. I think Sharon could not believe he wanted it. Guess where it remained. In the basement where it sat 10 years earlier. I offered it to Joe and Sharon before we moved but no, the elephant moved with us from PA to NC. He sat in our new basement until today. Now he is a she and she will be going back to PA so Hannah and her sister can keep their sand toys outside.

Isn't God great? He gives us the desire of our heart. Even elephants.

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Vee said...

What a great story!

Michelle said...

I love stories like this! Thanks so much for sharing.

From the Old InkWell said...

How ironic! What a great story and yes God is good!

Lynn said...

Great story!

Donna said...

Terrific story! What are the odds, LOL?????

Sue said...

Loved your story, Sue!

When I read the title, I thought it was a political post talking about Republicans! LOL

He looks like he has many more years of service to give to the little ones now.

Coincidence? I think not.

Unknown said...

Love the story! Too ironic!

Thanks for sharing!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

That is the cutest story!! And a pretty amazing story, to boot! I love it. :)


Nicole A. said...

Love the story, that is so cool! The elephant is to cute!

Joeloise Ghrist said...

Such an awesome story!!