Friday, August 14, 2009

Why are some voices allowed to dissent?

Why do some people treat certain groups one way and other groups another way?

What do you call people like this? I call them hypocrites.

I also call those who would vote for programs that increase taxes and then find ways to save on their own personal income taxes hypocrites. Unfortunately I have met many.

Unfortunately we are forced to pay the salaries of hypocrites. Fortunately I will not let hypocrites silence me. I am thankful to see so many Americans letting this administration know they will not sit idly by. At the risk of being called all sorts of ugly names by the left, we will continue to speak out.

Isn't it amazing how some wisdom never changes?


Sue said...

Keep speaking out, Sue!

It is the only way...

Donna said...

Liberals believe that "compromise" is when you agree with them! The vile hatred that they are spewing and disrespect of ordinary citizens is appalling. I wish we had more statesmen like Reagan to stand tall and represent us!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...! That one of good old Ninny Nancy was PRICELESS! I had not seen that one! I had seen the one of Reagan, which brought tears to my eyes. OH HOW I MISS HIM! His wisdom is still true today as it was way back then almost fifty years ago!

Betsy said...

I guess they are just disgruntled employees, last I checked they were working for us, they need to be fired.

Rhondi said...

I agree with you!