Friday, August 7, 2009

RWE..that's me!

Yep, that is me, a Right Wing Extremist. Even my car says so. A lot of people know it too because I have put a lot of miles on my car over the past week. We will be putting even more on it this week but all is good.

I am appalled by our President's suggestion that we snitch on our friends and report those who disagree with his health plan to his special address at the White House ( I really hate to have you all do this, so I think I will report myself. You see I disagree with what is happening and am quite frankly living in disbelief right now. Is this really THE United States of America?? Or is this a bad dream where we lost our freedom somewhere along the way?

I saw this and could not have said it better myself so I thought I would share it with you. Take the few minutes and watch it.

And if you don't hear from me in a while, it is because I am busy enjoying being a grandma. I will hope it is not because those at the snitch hot line have taken me in. If they do, I will do my best to decorate my cell and welcome visitors!

In the meantime, if you see a blue Vibe with RWE on the back, wave, it will probably be me, wracking up more miles on the recently achieved 100,000 mile mark of this great little car!



Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

This is your sister RWE....and yes, if there was a townhall to go to, I would be there, questioning my representative. All my representatives are not going to have a meeting...imagine that.
I turned myself in, to save my friends the trouble...and I expect to be hauled off any minute by the brownshirts to be reeducated.

Donna said...

My hand is up too! I am a proud member os the RWE club, LOL! I sent in my e-mail yesterday to the White House, and I identified the White House web site as the MOST FISHY web site of all for "disinformation". I also took them to task about chilling free speech and stamping on our Constitutional Rights. And I also asked them to place me on their enemies list that they were compiling. My husband turned himself in too!

The demonization of those who have opposing and alternative views is appalling. The video you show is GREAT!

We'll be attending meetings in our area if they are held. Our repreentatives are all Republican, but we intend to go and voice our views on other topics as well. Unfortunately, some of our representatives voted for the TARP bill, which was the first snowball that got rolling on the government take-over of private businesses.

Sue said...

Great video, Sue.

Have you all seen the movie,
"V for Vendetta"? It will give you chills as you see all the parallels...

Enjoy your "Grandma time".