Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am keeping my eye on this guy!


Vee said...

Wow! That Congressman sure knows how to state the issues. It was great, but those final lines really were powerful. I hope that there are many more like him!

Sue said...

Awesome...where did you find him? I would love to see a Ron Paul/(Mr.) Rogers ticket!

What he said is so true...and frightening. I may post this on Facebook. Thanks for sharing, Sue!

Donna said...

He's got it right! But the Dems and PrezBO want health CONTROL, not health CARE. It is not about taking care of the uninsured. They want to control everybody's health insurance and health care. They are anti-capitalists. They are socialists. They want to destroy private companies and turn us into the old, failed Russia. They want "social justice", where everyone has the same level of misery, except for the chosen few rulers in Washington.

What next? Government grocery stores? Hey, why not? A government option would give competition to the mean, greedy grocery companies that charge too much for food. Why, they make PROFITS! Gasp! We can't have that! Oh no! Let's have a government option of grocery stores, subsidized by taxpayers, to compete with those money-grubbing companies!

When will it stop? It won't with these people. They aim to "fundamentally transform this country" by dismantling our freedoms and shredding the Constitution.

Joyce said...

This guy gets my vote! I hope more people feel like he does.

Donna Lynn said...

Thank you for being a Patriot! I enjoy your blog, and your posts so much! After watching Obamanation last night speak on health care, I am still sick from all the sugar overload, I was drowning in the muck...what's worse? People enjoy getting their ears "tickled" by his smooth speeches, that are empty and full of lies! We do not need yet another government take over, after all haven't they just done such a great job with the post office, Social In-Security, Medicaid, Medicare, banks and the car companies??? LET'S KEEP MAKING TROUBLE FOR THESE OUT OF CONTROL WHAKO, LIBERAL, COMMUNIST, GLOBAL WARMING RELIGION FREAKS!!!

Bless you for speaking out! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!