Saturday, November 21, 2009

Charlie's Soap

I first heard about Charlie's Soap when I lived in PA. I learned about it on a blog. (Not sure which one.) The blog gave the link and the author said that she orders the soap as it is so great, economical, gentle on sensitive skin,fragrance free,and all around wonderful.

Sounded good but I am not really into doing mail order for my laundry detergent. I then realized that the town where this soap is made is about 10 miles from my new home. I found it for sale in the local grocery and tried it. One little bag lasted forever.

Then I met Sherri. She could work for the company she is so knowledgeable. I learned all about the history of the company as well as the great things this product will do. She even shared another bag of soap and a bottle of liquid.

Have you ever heard of Charlie's Soap? It is recommended for folks with sensitive skin and for those with dirty clothes. I'm sold on it!

This product also speaks to the American spirit as it began with an idea and $200 to meet a need for a cleaner in the textile mills. It has come a long way since its inception in 1976!

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