Sunday, November 8, 2009

So you think this furniture is great...just wait!

Yesterday we took my sister in law to Furnitureland South. We weren't buying anything but it is one of those places that you have to see to believe and a great place to bring folks from out of town as we live so close to the "Furniture Capitol." I've walked through these buildings before and am always struck by the price tags. Frugal me goes into sticker shock when I imagine what some folks will spend and at how some folks have the resources to spend that much.

Yesterday as we walked through those many room displays, each more elegant than the last, I was struck by something else. I started thinking about this life and how temporary it is. There is an eternity and I am thankful to know that God has a place for me there. If I thought the rooms on display in this manmade building were awesome I can scarcely imagine what those many mansions look like that God is preparing for us!!

As much as I enjoy pretty things, cozy homes and decorating, they will never compare to the joy and true happiness found through Christ. Amazing how He reminded me of this truth while walking through this place!

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Donna said...

A very wise post. With all of the moving and packing activities going on here, I have been reminded repeatedly that "things" are transient. And an overabundance of "things" ends up being a burden more than a blessing.