Thursday, November 12, 2009

They grow up so fast

I just can't believe that Milo is already driving.... His cousin Norah, born 2 weeks later is growing too.....

And the oldest, Hannah has taken over all her dad's yard work!

Aren't children great???


Barbara said...

Yes children are great and especially when they are your grandchildren.

Interesting to read your comments on The Shack. It has impacted people differently (and I guess a lot depending on their own experience and walk)but it certainly has impacted people and many have come back to faith through it and many have found God and faith through it which I think is wonderful.

Barbara said...

Tried to E-mail you but it came back. Yes I do agree with you.

There is a follow up book to The Shack written by a Theologian. It answers the questions that people have brought up from a Biblical point of view. I saw it this summer when visiting an abbey over here. Incidentally my friend that wrote the review majoured in Theology at University.