Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Can't believe it has been 3 months since I last did a blog post. I have been keeping up with friends on FaceBook as that just seems a faster way to keep in touch. I am posting today but not promising that it will be with any consistency right now. Lots of things going on here. I am on a two week hiatus between the online classes I teach. I am also in the middle of chaos. Chaos for a good end, however. As I mentioned in February, mom is living with us. We are now in the midst of a construction process that includes a new suite for her as well as an enlarged living room and family room. Construction is fun to watch but not that much fun to live in the middle of. I will share a few pictures of the progress to date.

The Spring started off as usual. High hopes for a new garden. The raised beds were formed in what we thought would be a good location but having never lived through anything like this before, we soon learned that they had to go....

Even the grill had to move.

The furniture never went onto the deck or patio this Spring.

Very soon the landscape we knew was going to be gone.

And in its place bricks, blocks and boards.
We also learned that construction means dirt- lots of it. Our builder has moved some to the front as the base of an island bed we want to install.

Our basement family room is gong to be HUGE. Mom and I are dreaming of the craft area we will have!

Some outside views.

What was a guest bedroom will become a bathroom. The carpet was torn out. The door will disappear.

The shower was roughed in.

The fireplace was removed and will be relocated to the basement.
We are living in a bubble. We put furniture in the dining room before walling it in with plastic.
And so it goes. I will try to post with more frequency. I look forward to the decorating and the fun posts that will follow with that.


Vee said...

Sue! Wonderful to see a post, but I can certainly see why you aren't committing to more just now.

How wonderful that you are able to add on to your home and create a lovely spot for your mom to have some privacy and a space to call her own. My sister and I are always wondering about our mother who is currently living with my sis. Thing is, my sister is moving and my mother isn't. Oh dear! We'll figure it out somehow with God's help.

You're teaching online classes? How cool is that?! Feel free to share more about that one.

Take care, my friend. Looking forward to the day when we see more of you!

Donna said...

Oh wow! Chaos central, LOL! Keep thinking of it as a building "adventure" and you'll get through it OK! It will be just beautiful on the other side of the mess.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we're in the same kind of mess. However, we've been working on ours for almost 7 years. Fortunately, we don't live in it, so we feel less hurried to finish the job, although I'm definitely ready to get it all done. Looking forward to your decorating pictures.