Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working on the house

I am still not back to blogging regularly but thought I would post a few pictures of the house now that construction is complete. And now I also see I need to spend time working on this blog. For some reason it all went haywire. To salvage it somewhat I applied a new template but now...what a mess. For another day!

Mom's bedroom and bathroom are completed. The living room needs a few more touches. The basement is still a major work in progress as we unpack boxes and sort. One of these days we will actually find time to start our morning with coffee at the little table outside the dining room window.


Maggie Thornton said...

It all looks beautiful!

Vee said...

Hi Sue! It all looks beautiful. I can see that you've been busy, busy. Your mom must be loving it!

Blog building takes time and I'm so sorry that yours went haywire on you. You'll get there when you have a moment for that sort of thing.

Donna Lynn said...

Lovely! Your mom must be so happy, it all looks great, boy what a ton of work!

Donna said...

The house is looking gorgeous! I bet you are relieved that the construction work is finally behind you!