Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A love of dishes

I have a thing for dishes...and don't think I could ever have too many. These are my sentimental favorite as my mom got these as a young woman. I do think that the "Dainty Blue" pattern by Shelley is so pretty too!

For some reason I am always attracted to platters. My husband always jokes, "go ahead and get it, you know we have nothing to serve from." Lucky for him, I never want anything full price.

Finding a plate, platter or other sort of dish at a yard sale, Goodwill or thrift shop is so fun for me! Even if it is a bit chippy- all the more memories it brings with it. The price is a thrill too! My glassware is from an auction. A friend made the purchase of the entire set for just a few dollars. Not needing them, she passed the bargain on to me. After washing them all I ended up with a cupboard of beautiful crystal. Now if one breaks, no problem! I will have to open that cupboard for a picture- one of these days!
These Lady Carlyle plates are from a set that my mother in law has given me over the years. I never chose a pattern of china as a new bride but finally gave in after being married 20 years. My tastes change and I had other things I wanted. I do like these. I love the plate rack that Joe built for me.


Kristine said...

I share your love of dishes! Yours are lovely Sue!

this is my patch said...

Such pretty china. The Shelley blue and white looks so delicate, you must have to be careful how you handle it. Great shelves and plate racks you have too, I would like more of those. x