Wednesday, November 12, 2008

21 in 3

Twenty one houses in 3 days and I am exhausted. We have a great realtor that we are working with but at this point I am getting all of the houses mixed up- except for my top 3! Gotta get this one sold first! Open house on Sunday so keeping my fingers crossed. Got home and realized that a blog I enjoy -Daisy's Little Cottage- is sad. Darly, where did you go?

I will get back to blogging this weekend.


The Phoenix said...

So glad to see a post, by you.

I guess I'm too new here, to remember that you're in the process of changing homes. [Although I should have...] And that's why you went missing.

Best of luck with the whole process.

The Phoenix

Donna said...

That's a whirlwind! Hope you are taking pics as you go because that will help jog your memory. We are waiting, waiting, waiting for ours to get sold. It will be 2 years this January. It is sorely trying our patience, LOL!

Best wishes for the open house!

Vee said...

Sue, I know that you are out straight busy, but I've still managed to give you an award and a meme, if you have time to check it out. If it's not something that you're interested in, don't worry. You have bigger fish to fry!