Thursday, May 14, 2009

An email from the White House

Shortly after we moved here I had to go to an urgent care. While waiting, two young women checked into the office but were declined as one had an outstanding bill and the other had no way of paying. The one commented to the other, "Why did I vote for Obama? He is supposed to get me in to the doctor." Her friend replied, "Give him time, he just got in." Well it looks like the time is here and I am shaking in my boots over this one! The thought of government involvement in our healthcare REALLY frightens me!

I agree that healthcare is a problem and I do admit that I do not have the answers but I do know that socialized medicine does not work. I also know that I can't afford to pay anymore taxes and I am tired of supporting those who choose not to work and YES there are many people who choose not to work. There are also many who can get health insurance through work but would rather not pay so opt out. Instead they buy snakes, fish in aquariums, large screen tvs, vacations and then run to the emergency room for health care and then never pay those bills. Others do the right thing and contribute to health care, sacrificing frivolities. I KNOW this to be TRUE. Personal responsibility needs to return to our society!! NOW!

Look at medicare and medical care for our vets and the mess they are- that is enough of a reason to not allow our government involvement in this.

I have sent our President several emails lately on a variety of topics. Now I guess I am on his "list." I got the email below from him last evening and quickly replied (my response is at the end).

Good afternoon,

You are receiving this email because you signed up at My staff and I plan to use these messages as a way to directly communicate about important issues and opportunities, and today I have some encouraging updates about health care reform.

The Vice President and I just met with leaders from the House of Representatives and received their commitment to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill by July 31.

We also have an unprecedented commitment from health care industry leaders, many of whom opposed health reform in the past. Monday, I met with some of these health care stakeholders, and they pledged to do their part to reduce the health care spending growth rate, saving more than two trillion dollars over the next ten years -- around $2,500 for each American family. Then on Tuesday, leaders from some of America's top companies came to the White House to showcase innovative ways to reduce health care costs by improving the health of their workers.

Now the House and Senate are beginning a critical debate that will determine the health of our nation's economy and its families. This process should be transparent and inclusive and its product must drive down costs, assure quality and affordable health care for everyone, and guarantee all of us a choice of doctors and plans.

Reforming health care should also involve you. Think of other people who may want to stay up to date on health care reform and other national issues and tell them to join us here:

Health care reform can't come soon enough. We spend more on health care than any country, but families continue to struggle with skyrocketing premiums and nearly 46 million are without insurance entirely. It is a priority for the American people and a pillar of the new foundation we are seeking to build for our economy.

We'll continue to keep you posted about this and other important issues.

Thank you,
Barack Obama

P.S. If you'd like to get more in-depth information about health reform and how you can participate, be sure to visit

My response to our president:
Please do not involve the government in the business of health care! All I can think about is having my experience of being at the doctor become similar to my experience getting a driver’s license! Government bureaucracy will compound our healthcare woes!! I can’t afford new taxes that will be required for implementing nationalized healthcare! I have family and friends who have suffered at the hands of Canada’s socialized medicine and I DO NOT WANT THAT HERE!


How ironic that my president, senators and congress would consider imposing programs on me that they themselves are unwilling to adopt- I am quite sure you and they will continue to have health care that is far superior to your recommended reforms.

This is very frightening to me and not at all fair to those of us who work hard – absorbing more costs for those who choose not to.


Vee said...

I started quaking when I heard him talking about how expensive our health care is compared to other nations' healthcare. It is also, without a doubt, the best healthcare in the world. Why we would want to drop to the level of a third-world country is beyond me. I'd like to see everyone in the world have excellent healthcare, but that will take everyone in the world fighting for a democratic republic. I hope we don't lose ours.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

AMEN SISTER! I posted about this same thing today!

Sue said...

Your post is right on! Honestly, I have deliberately stayed offline for a few days because I get so FURIOUS at what I see going on around here.

Kudos to you for writing the president! It is going to take many many more people to really get serious about something before OUR voices are heard.

Honestly, I almost burned myself out about 4 years ago writing EVERYBODY I could think of over the illegal immigrant siutation!!! I even started having chest pains over much so, I have to back off. I know everything is in God's hands, but sometimes we just have to DO SOMETHING!

The women I work with and I were all talking about this socialized healthcare system that is coming....oh and by the way...have you heard that they are now going to tax those of us who are lucky enough to have some form of insurance? Us and soda pop...
Anyway, we were talking about it and I brought up, if they were so all fired up about it, how many of them would go with me to the next tea party up in Indy this July? They all looked at me like I was of foreign intelligence. One of them said, "Yeah, and get arrested?" I said, "Hey, If need be!"

As Vee said, we ARE dropping to the level of a third-world country. The reason? It is all in the plan. I can't say unfortunately, cause I know who authored the plan. I only wish like minded Christians could stave it off for awhile...for our children's and their children's sakes...

***steps off soapbox***

Donna said...

I am quite alarmed too. Those countries with socialized medicine have long waiting lists for procedures and if you are deemed "too old" for the expense of the procedure, it is denied. I entertained Canadian friends this week, and they had NOTHING good to say about their system. Rationing and inferior care are the result of a mandated government system! And now there are going to be all kinds of new taxes to pay for this folly.