Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I love you Dad! Your example of hard work, devotion, determination and constant love of learning have inspired me. Enjoy today!

I am also wishing a happy day to these two guys:

Before you know it, Tom, that will be your little guy in your arms!

Joe, I just love to see how you interact with Hannah! Just imagine, soon it will be two little girls!

Those two great dads learned all about being a dad from this great guy:

I am so blessed!


Sue said...

Yes indeed, you are truly blessed to have Godly men in the lives of your children and grandchildren...not to mention your own father!

Hope you ALL have a wonderful Father's Day. Hope the weather is lovely where you are tomorrow!

Vee said...

May all the wonderful men in your life enjoy a terrific Father's Day!